Poker and games like poker are very popular with casino gamblers. These card games have easily transitioned from land-based casinos to online gambling sites. The ability to play them online has helped make certain card games more popular than ever.

Many of the top online casinos like Betfare247 allow you to choose from a great selection of card games. The right card games can be a great way to take a break from poker while still working on your poker skills.

Keep reading to see five-card games similar to poker that you can play online today.

Blackjack With Side Bets

The first game on my list of games like poker is blackjack, specifically real money blackjack with side bets. Blackjack is one of the only card games that can compete with poker in terms of popularity. Both games are widely available and are fun to play.

From a strategic standpoint, there are a lot of similarities between blackjack and Texas Holdem poker. You start with a two-card hand in both games, and your chances of success are largely tied to the strength of your starting hand.

If you are playing blackjack with certain side bets, then the game can be even more like poker. The 21 + 3 side bet, for instance, can pay you extra money if you can make a strong poker hand. You only have three cards, though, instead of the normal five you work with in most poker variations.


Another great option for players that want card games similar to poker is baccarat. There are many varieties of baccarat available, and Punto Banco is arguably the most like poker.

Both baccarat and poker are card games that compare the strength of each party’s hands. In poker, there are set hand rankings that determine the winner. Baccarat, on the other hand, uses a point-based system to determine the strength of your hand.

Baccarat and poker require you to use strategy to be successful. The effectiveness of your strategy can have a huge effect on the house edge of the game, too. There are many variations of both poker and baccarat, too, so your strategy will change based on the type you are playing.

Both games have also appeared in James Bond films and are favorites of the world-famous secret agent. The biggest difference between baccarat and poker is that in poker, you have to wager on your hand. Some baccarat variations, though, allow you to bet on either the banker or player hand.


Rounding out my list of the best casino games like poker is rummy. This card game was very popular in the mid-20th century, prior to the rise of Texas Holdem. Many famous poker players of the 1980s and 1990s, such as Stu Ungar, got their start playing gin rummy.

Both poker and rummy use a standard, 52-card deck. However, in gin rummy, the ace is also a low card. In poker, the ace is usually a high card unless you are using it for a low straight.

Another key similarity between these games is that they both rely heavily on the use of strategy. Your ability to read your opponent and your strategy are especially important in gin rummy. You need to account for more factors, too, such as the cards your opponent discards.

There are differences between rummy and poker, such as the use of betting rounds in poker. Also, gin rummy is typically a two-person card game, whereas a poker game can have more than half a dozen players at once.